Max out your local storage of the Onvis C3 HSV camera with the SAMSUNG PRO 128GB ENDURANCE microSDXC card.

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The SAMSUNG PRO 128GB ENDURANCE microSDXC storage card are the perfect companion product to the Onvis C3 HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) video camera. These cards aren’t speed-focused, rather they are about having the best endurance rating possible. Still, they are UHS-I speed rated with sequential read speeds of up to 100 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 30 MB/s. UHS Speed Class 1 memory cards support Full HD and 4K Ultra HD video capture, but Class 1 cards are best suited for 1080p video recording.

Many other cards will self-destruct after a while of continues video recordings, but we have found the SAMSUNG ENDURANCE models to be, well, enduring. Only available in the maximum size recommended for the C3 camera.

Review of this card : https://www.legitreviews.com/samsung-pro-endurance-microsdxc-memory-card-review_206758


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