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MagixDrive connects your iPhone wirelessly to carPlay in your car, to enjoy a premium carPlay experience
  • MagixDrive means you no longer need to plug your phone into a cable to enjoy carplay on your car. MagixDrive works as a adapter between your iPhone and your car’s infotainment system to enable the CarPlay interface on your dashboard without you taking iPhone out of your pocket.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your car needs have wired (USB) CarPlay​ already installed for MagixDrive to do its magic – your car needs to have the wired CarPlay option present. MagixDrive will not bring wireless or CarPlay features to cars that do not have CarPlay already present.
  • CarPlay is available for iPhones only (iPhone 5 and above, running iOS 9 and above).
  • Simple installation, small size (can fit under receiver or on dashboard shelves).
  • How To Connect: Make sure Bluetooth and WiFi are activated on your iPhone. Make sure to remove and disable the existing Bluetooth connection hands-free connection from your iPhone on your car’s settings. Plug MagixDrive into your car’s CarPlay USB port (this is the same port you would have plugged iPhone into. Not all USB ports work in all cars). Wait a few seconds for the MagixDrive interface to appear on your car’s infotainment screen. Connect via the Bluetooth name displayed on the screen, or click the ‘search’ button. Select the iPhone you want to pair MagixDrive with.
  • 1-year worldwide warranty. Bugs stomped: Free and easy firmware updates via web interface.
  • We are based in the US. We ship and provide support from beautiful Manhattan Beach in California.

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