Window & Door Contact Sensor

Onvis’ windows & door contact sensor keeps you informed about access and intrusions in your home, plus unlimited additional applications and uses, and provides an alarm feature to alert you of unexpected intrusions. It can find many uses around your smartHome to provide monitoring of doors, windows, or anything that provides a change of state – like your mailbox, your garage, or whatever you can imagine – with HomeKit automations to react to them.

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  • The Onvis door sensor will send your iPhone an alert when there’s a open/close change, reminding you whether the door is open or closed, providing 24/7 monitoring for home, office, garage, warehouse, and more.
  • Homekit Door Security Sensor: The Onvis CT2 smart contact sensor works exclusively with Apple HomeKit. Create home automations with and for other HomeKit enabled accessories. For example, when the front door opens, the hallway lights can turn on automatically. Never walk into a dark house again.
  • Long Battery Life, Low Energy Consumption and long standby time: The Onivs HomeKit door sensor uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 and a standard CR2450 button cell battery, offering low power consumption and up to 1 year standby time.
  • Tracking and Recording: Retains detection records over the past 30 days which can be reviewed on the Onvis App or via the HOME app on Apple devices.
  • Flexibility for Deploy: Additional spacer, use of a small button cell battery and miniature design gives you extreme flexibility in deploying the sensor .With the help of the Onvis app or Apple HOME app installation can be done in a few minutes.

Additional information

Weight 0.072 lbs
Dimensions 9.2 × 7.5 × 3.05 in